Saturday, February 16, 2013

#4: Wear skinny jeans

Totally Hipster
According to my extensive research over the last 3 days, hipsters love to wear skinny jeans. Not the slim fitting 'wow-your-butt-looks-great-in-those' figure hugging kind, but the 'my-crotch-is-chafing-and-I-suddenly-have-a-muffin-top' kind. But enough about the guys; girls wear them too. The more androgynous your skinny jeans the better. Plus a little distressing to give them a vintage looks doesn't hurt either - see above for proof of that.

So today's challenge was to wear skinny jeans. Simple, I thought, I already own a pair. Problem is, I had nothing to wear them with. No plaid, nowhere! So I attempted to wear them with something as vintage-y looking as I could find in my very eclectic closet. My closet is a bit of an enigma, a mish-mash of various styles and colours of things that I love, but are not exactly Aeropostale or American Apparel. So suffice to say, a white shirt and blazer are not uber-hispter (do hipsters say uber? Does anyone anymore?!) but it did well for a dinner out with friends.

So my challenge for next week will be to stock up my already chronologically confused armoire with some thrifted, inherited and decidedly ugly hipster digs. So deck.

Here's one for today:

"Caring doesn't lead to misery. It always does"
                                      - John Green and David Levithan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Have a blessed Sunday xx

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