Monday, February 18, 2013

#5: Make and consume something vegan

Honesty time. I wasn't completely sure about what I could eat/drink today that would be 'vegan'. Hipsters are VERY particular about their diets. It isn't enough to say that hipsters are vegetarian or vegan. I read this very interesting article online all about the hipster eating code. One comment really summed up the magnitude of my task:

“Whether it’s gluten-free, anti-diary, pro-dairy, detox, all-raw, anti-oxidant, pro-soy, anti-soy, the point is that hipsters have to be prepared to argue their eating position to the death. In other words, it’s not the diet that matters so much as the level of expertise. Hipsters research their diet with the rigor of a specialist and use their contrarian eating habit as a springboard for showing off their fluent knowledge of chemistry, anthropology, history, and bio-medicine."

Ummmm, yeah. So I have a lot more reading to do I guess! Giving up being mainstream is harder than I anticipated. In any case, Hipster Challenge #5 was to make an consume something vegan. As I had some starfruit kicking around in the fridge, I thought I would try and find something to do with it for today. So I hussled up some banana, kiwifruit from my homeland and my starfruit to create this masterpiece:

I need to work on getting my photo's to look more instagrammy next time, but you gotta crawl before you can walk. The website I found the recipe from is and they have tonnes of recipes to cater to any of your hipster food preferences.

A final thought for today:

"The world is full of obvious things, which nobody by any chance ever observes."
                                                         - Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles

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