Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#6: Paint something

I am not an artist. No, really. This isn't some coy admission I'm making in order to get compliments from strangers about how I'm a creative, beautiful and artistic person. I really cannot paint. So today's challenge forced me to be the creative and artistic person I wish I was (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I'll take that one, thanks!)

So I was in town today, considering paint, brushes, canvasses, the chapeau and co-ordinating smock. Then these came to mind:

Gap jeans
"Brilliant," real me thought "I can have my cake and eat it too!" And so I did, but in the form of rollo ice cream. Needless to say that was a big mistake.

I picked up some 'antique white' paint and some q tips and was happily on my way. Arriving home, I found my victims. They have been in my closet for over 2 years now. These are my pre-pregnancy jeans. Dark denim. Skinny. American eagle. It didn't get any better as far as my ironically hipsterific plan was concerned. Only two obstacles stood in my way - my left and right thighs.

After lying down, holding my breath and vigorously wriggling like a boa constrictor at a 90's rave, I was in. Sure I needed help standing up. Absolutely I could not sit down. But that's not the point. Vanity sizing means I can now fit back into my size 4 jeans. Boo-yah!

So the painting part was easy. Waiting for them to dry, and then the thought of having to squeeze them back on again was not. However, I conquered and all that was left was to take some pics of my first hipster outfit.

Greasy hair: Check!
Band T from 6 years ago: Check!
Bored look and bad posture: Check and check!



All in all, this project cost me $1 and 1 hour of time (including drying). But like whatev.

Until tomorrow,

"Love the skin you're in" - Olay

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