Thursday, March 7, 2013

#19: Wear an owl

Yesterday, I found myself running around, frantically putting together hobo outfits for 16 year old boys. Elbow deep in vests, fingerless gloves and newsies I realized I am long overdue for an outfit post. I don't consider myself much of a fashion icon - as long as my clothes are clean and look half decent I'm happy - but being a hipster has brought out a more savvy and fashion forward version of me than my usual smug and sarcastic self. So here's my fashion predictions for spring:

1. Florals
2. Triangles
3. Anything lime coloured
4. Owls

If you can wear all of these at the same time, bonus points. My information is unquestionably reliable too. I went through a bunch of stuff I've seen people wearing lately, and asked my magic 8 ball if they would be 'in' this spring. Signs point to yes.

So I promise I will update this post with photo's tomorrow of the fabulous outfit I wore yesterday. *Spoiler Alert* it included an owl. I'm way too old school for iPhone pics, and too new school for the film kind, so while my camera is charging, you will just have to amuse yourselves with this:

For a printable version, go here. You're welcome.

"People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust." - E.B. White

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